EL4 has moved – catch up with recent history

Since we moved our website to its new host and new platform we’ve noticed that the Google index is unfortunately cluttered with a lot of very old content, which is now not just out of date but also seems to duplicate.

We only spotted the duplication after we went live, so it will be a few weeks before the index refreshes completely and the old links soon a distant memory, and hopefully all the bad bank links that were associated with it. If there is some one out there that can explain the whys and hows of these bad ‘back links’ and their origin, we’d appreciate it.

Thankfully our basic built in search tools are not too bad, Google will catch up before too long and most real users should find their way around the new site fair easy.

Meanwhile we’re looking at updating references from the John Gray Centre and various items e.g. The Potato Labour Scandal on Wikipedia.

And belatedly, another wee thank you to Peter Gray for generously hosting the earlier site over the last period.