Summary of secondary schools

Dunbar: primary to senior secondary pupils in school dating from 1824, located by the sea at Woodbush. New schools planned from 1939. Primary opened 1951. Dunbar grammar school finally opened 12th February 1962 with 400 pupils.

Knox Academy, Haddington: built 1939, extended 1959 and 1970/71. Renamed 1948 (previously Knox Institute); seniors at Meadowpark site, infants and primary at Knox Place.

North Berwick High School: new school built 1940; junior, secondary; former high school used for primary.

Musselburgh Grammar School, built 1931: infants to senior secondary. Infant division closed 1947, primary 1952. Amalgamated with Fisherrow Junior Secondary in 1945, junior secondary pupils housed in part of Fisherrow site. By 1952, all except domestic ran from one site; whole school operated from a single site by 1972.

Preston Lodge High School, Prestonpans: originally opened as Preston Lodge School 1924, providing selective education to senior secondary level, and by 1935, had 500 pupils. From c1954, it was no longer selective. Fire destroyed most of old school 30th January 1967. New school opened 14th November 1969 with 1000+ pupils. By 1999, 900 pupils.

Ross High School, Tranent: multilateral school opened in 1954, accommodating 600 pupils. It replaced Tranent Junior Secondary (Tranent Public School), which was used as a primary school until destroyed by fire 1958.


Ormiston Junior Secondary School, closed 1954, pupils then went to Ross High, Tranent.

Prestonpans Primary & Junior Secondary School, built post war; junior secondary closed 1954.

By 1947, Musselburgh Grammar School took all secondary pupils from the Crookston, Smeaton and St Peter’s Schools, Musselburgh.