Gladsmuir Excluding Longniddry | Population

By parish* from the General Registrar’s office By locality **- census – ie Macmerry village itself
1931 1779 860M 919F
1951 2001 1008M 993F
1961 2173 1094M 1079F
1971 3039 1479M 1560F 1503 755M 748F
1981 4349 2097M 2252F 1332 636M 696F
By Small Area Statistics ** – census
1991 4383 2126M 2257F 1157 556M 601F
2001 3894 1872M 2022F
By Gladsmuir parish, from ELDC By settlement, from ELDC
1991 4069 1173 Macmerry
1997 (est.) 4271 2087M 2184F 1207 Macmerry
87 Gladsmuir
2001 NO DATA 1113 Macmerry (ELC)

** see this page for Longniddry figures

Population figures are difficult to compare, as no two sources extract data in the same way.

The census data for the civil parish of Gladsmuir includes Longniddry, Macmerry and the small village of Gladsmuir. The population increase shown by these figures can be largely attributed to an increase in the population of Longniddry; meanwhile, the populations of Gladsmuir and Macmerry declined gradually but steadily throughout the period.