Whittingehame | Transport & police

In 2000, the parish had minimal coverage by public transport as only one bus route was available – that from Haddington/Dunbar – via Garvald, Papple, Eastfield, Stenton. Very few passengers used the service from the Whittingehame area. The post-bus service was also available to Haddington.

Due to the scattered nature of the homes in the parish, being a car owner was and remains essential.

The main link road between Stenton and Luggate Burn – through the drive arch where the road passes through a ‘tunnel’ under what was the eastern access to Whittingehame House – was under threat of closure at various times during the period. In 1969, residents successfully petitioned against its closure, forcing the council to back down (Haddingtonshire Courier 1969 September 26).


In 2000, the parish was policed by contact with Haddington or Dunbar police stations. No policing was apparent unless they were specifically called.

The parish was once covered by one police constable based in Garvald (the last being Tom Herkes) or two police constables in East Linton (one of the last was David Love). The closure of these stations c1970 meant loss of personal contact. There has been no apparent increase or decrease in crime in the parish.