Inveresk Musselburgh | Musselburgh Grammar School – Log Book Summary: 1945-72

The school log books are quite informative: here Sheila McIntosh summarises the key events over the period.


Fisherrow Junior Secondary transferred to the grammar school but housed meantime in parts of the Fisherrow school buildings which will now be known as Musselburgh Grammar School Annexe. This affected 280 Pupils and 17 staff.

Last enrolment of infants in Musselburgh Grammar School.


HMI Report.

Roll exceeds 800 (primary and secondary).

Building filled to capacity.

Dinners served to 150 daily.


Secondary department now absorbs all secondary pupils from St Peter’s, Crookston, Smeaton.

Infant division no longer exists.

Using technical and domestic science classrooms in Loretto RC School.


P4 to P7 only.

Using science and needlework in Loretto RC. HORSA huts not yet ready for occupation (13 rooms).


Huts now fully occupied and re-organisation taking place in building.


P5 to P7 only.

All secondary classes other than modified are now in sole occupation of the Fisherrow Annexe. [‘Modified’ is the equivalent of modern SEN – S. Baker]

The domestic and science rooms at Loretto RC are still fully used.


Modified classes still in Fisherrow Annexe.

Considerable structural alterations to school.

Still one science and one cookery [class] at Loretto RC.


Only P7 left.

Centralisation almost complete. Domestic instruction in the Annexe Centre, annexe gym used for all modified classes.


Last day of primary division.


All accommodated in main building and huts except domestic centre at Fisherrow Annexe.


HMI Report.

Roll 920 – static over past three years (secondary and small number of primary).

160 take school dinners.


Pinkie playing fields first used.


School sports at the ‘New Pinkie playing fields’.


Three classes in Fisherrow school. Certain girls’ classes have most of their classroom teaching in annexe.

June 67

East wing vacated, moved to old Burgh School Annexe.

Some huts vacated. Commercial department to Fisherrow.


Rooms 50-53 and rooms 12-15 demolished.

October 69

Home economics move into extension.

November 69

Art began move to extension.

December 69

Science move to Fisherrow to allow refurbishment of 1930s building.


Remainder of departments move to extension. Gym, pool, dining hall, kitchens not yet ready.


Roll 1145.


CDT (construction, design & technology) move from huts in to rear extension.


For the first time since 1959, the school commenced a new session with all pupils under the one roof. Both annexes closed.