Bolton | Population

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By parish, from the General Registrar’s office 1931 296 151M 145F 1951 239 124M 115F 1961 209 102M 107F 1971 180 86M 94F 1981 206 108M 98F 1991 254 116M 138F 2001 175 93M 82F
By Parish, from ELDC By settlement, from ELDC
1991 168
1997 (est.) 170 81M 89F 39

Population figures are difficult to compare, as no two sources extract data in the same way.

The change from a parish population of c239 in 1945 to c170 in 2000 has been mainly due to the radical reduction in farm labour. Most farm labourers’ cottages have been sold, joined together and modernised changing the pattern and type of inhabitants. Very few tied cottages remain whereas, in 1950, Eaglescairnie alone had 13.