Oldhamstocks | Education

In 1950 there was one teacher with 20 children at Oldhamstocks Primary School, but three years later, the class size had fallen to 16. When the roll climbed again in 1960 to 21, there was a proposal to build a new classroom and toilet extension and to convert the two existing classrooms for general purposes, staff and dining. Alternatively, it was thought that building a new school might be a better option. When the council’s education committee met in 1961 however, it was decided to build a new primary school at Innerwick and to close Oldhamstocks. There was a stay of execution, however, and it was not until 1970 that Oldhamstocks school closed and the eleven children then registered were transferred to Innerwick. The primary school head teachers were: Mrs Baird (1945), Mrs Macintosh (1948), Mrs Beverley (1951), Mrs Thomson (1958), and Mrs Pratt (1969/70).

… we had a very lively school…prize giving … was a great event. The greatest one of all was our teacher Thomson – she was more like a mother to the children – and she wanted parental interest…so we were involved a lot…

Children … had their dinners brought to the school in containers

On school outings they would go by bus – sometimes to the Forth Bridge or to a beach – with parents (women, not men).

The women would take their sandwiches and their thermoses and off we would go … enjoying ourselves at a picnic…

Jean Yule

In 2000, parents had more choice and many children in the parish attended the primary school in Cockburnspath, even though it came within the aegis of another local authority. Older children attended secondary schools in either Dunbar or Eyemouth. Other provision for children, such as playgroups, is located at Cockburnspath.