Stenton | Transport & police

After the war many people used pedal or motorcycles to get about, as it was difficult to buy a car. Cars were unavailable and beyond the means of many people. The buses only ran four days a week. The bus on Saturday did allow residents to shop in either Dunbar or Haddington. It was difficult to travel to work outside the parish via the bus service but the last bus on a Saturday ran after the last film at Dunbar cinema. The buses were owned by Ewart of Haddington and were driven by Bobby Rollo.

Only the advent of general car ownership allowed the village of Stenton to survive from the 1980s. The majority of people living in Stenton parish in 2000 were dependent on the car. The bus service would not allow anybody to work regularly at Haddington or Dunbar. The bus still only came four days a week and the last bus left about 2pm from Dunbar and Haddington. Trains ran from Dunbar and Drem both early morning and evenings, which allowed people to commute into Edinburgh.

There is a footpath over the Lammermuirs to Garvald. This must have been a connection between different parts of the parish. There is no road to the southern part of the parish unless going by Garvald. People living at Millknowe look to Duns for their services.


Police and fire services are provided from East Linton and Dunbar.