Saltoun | Fletcher of Saltoun Annual Lecture

The Saltire Society instituted an annual lecture to commemorate Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun (the patriot) in 1979. The lecture is held in the kirk at East Saltoun usually on the first Saturday in September, and thereafter a floral tribute is placed on the plaque commemorating Andrew Fletcher, which was placed on the wall of the church in 1955.

Lecturers have included distinguished academics, politicians, writers and broadcasters, and there are plans to publish a collection of these orations.

Year Speaker Profession/Position/Association
1979 Professor Gordon Donaldson Historiographer Royal
1980 Dr Gavin Kennedy Heriot Watt University
1981 Professor (Emeritus) David Daiches Edinburgh University
1982 Lord Ronald King Murray  
1983 Mrs Elizabeth Whitley Writer and Broadcaster
1984 Paul H. Scott Vice President, Saltire Society
1985 Professor Geoffrey Barrow Edinburgh University
1986 Regius Professor Neil McCormick Edinburgh University
1987 Dr Bruce P. Lenman Reader – Modern History, St Andrews University
1988 Billy Kay Writer and Broadcaster
1989 Professor David R. F. Simpson Economist
1990 Arnold Kemp Editor, Glasgow Herald
1991 Dr William Ferguson .  
1992 Sir Iain Noble (Noble and Co Ltd) President, Saltire Society
1993 Dr Sheila Douglas Writer
1994 John Home Robertson MP (East Lothian)
1995 Professor Michael Lynch Dept. of Scottish History, Edinburgh University
1996 Professor Edward J. Cowan Dept. of Scottish History, Glasgow University
1997 Lesley Riddoch Journalist and Broadcaster
1998 Professor Alexander Broadie Dept. of Philosophy, Glasgow University
1999 Professor Murray G. H. Pittock Professor of Literature, Strathclyde University
2000 Donny O’Rourke Poet, Journalist and Broadcaster
2001 Alex Salmond MP

Information supplied by the Saltire Society