Morham | Population

By parish, from the General Registrar’s office
1931 206 106M 100F
1951 165 89M 76F
1961 134 70M 64F
1971 123 65M 58F
1981 128 69M 59F
1991 NO DATA
2001 122 63M 59F
By Parish, from ELDC
1991 104
1997 (est.) 103 50M 53F
2001 NO DATA

Population figures are difficult to compare, as no two sources extract data in the same way.

Nevertheless, Morham’s population level halved between 1931 and 1997.

The 1945 valuation roll confirms that most of the parish population that lived on the farms were involved in agriculture. Occupations listed include ploughman, tractorman, shepherd, cattleman, dairymaid, foreman, farm worker, farm servant, grieve, and orraman. There was also a domestic servant, a servant (male), and a farm servant listed. At Coldale and at Morham Loanhead, the valuation roll gives the occupations of both proprietors as rabbit trappers. Later, one of these, James Mclean, operated as a game-dealer as well, as did one of his grandsons, Derek. This was the same James McLean who had loaned money to build the village hall in 1929, who was a county councillor, and in whose memory the church gates were erected (1966).