Bolton | Environment

The main change to the countryside has been the loss of hedgerow trees (mainly elms) and the creation of some very large fields (100acres) at Under Bolton. Apart from this, the area has remained remarkably consistent over the period. A number of ponds have been created, some small woodlands replanted and some hedges replaced.

The Peel family sold Eaglescairnie in 1951. The house went to the McPhail family and the farm and steading to Mrs Greenlees. The house subsequently was sold to Mr and Mrs Salvesen. The Duke of Hamilton sold the tenanted farms at Under and Upper Bolton to an insurance company; the tenants, Clark and Steven, later purchased both properties.

Townscapes, Buildings & Landscapes of Distinction

Membland House, just off the Bolton road from the B6355 from Gifford, was built in 1960 for Admiral Sir Peter Reid by the architect Schomberg-Scott. The house is typical of the late Georgian/early Victorian style of farmhouse in the area. The most interesting aspect is the very unusual hexagonal service cottage to the south of the main house.