Spott | Mr D. Robertson, Easter and Wester Broomhouse, pre 1945

Interviewed and summarised by Diana Hardy

In 1904 the newly married Thomas Robertson and Louisa Anstruther Johnston, moved from Fife to North Belton farm. Thomas’ father had Craigend farm near Perth; Louisa’s father was minister of Carnbee church, also in Fife. In 1907 a daughter Louisa was born. She was to marry and move away from the area, returning in her later years and presently living in Dunbar. Molly who was born in 1909 never married, living at home and caring for her parents, as they grew older. The twins Thomas Peter and James were born in 1913. In the late 1920s, Thomas bought North Belton farm and took on a 99-year lease of Easter and Wester Broomhouse from the Earl of Haddington. James was to take over North Belton farm and his son Douglas is still there.

Thomas Peter took over the Broomhouse farms on his father’s death in the early 1930s.

He had married Mona McRobbie, daughter of a potato merchant and they lived in Easter Broomhouse farmhouse, part of which is at least 17th century. Peter and Mona had two sons Struan and Michael. Mona was an artist; she became ill and was latterly confined to bed. Their grieve, John Cockburn, made a special bed for her and she had a mirror positioned so that she could lie in bed but still see out over the farm. Some years after her death, Thomas Peter was to marry Elma Cooper.