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The Fourth Statistical Account of East Lothian


In 1952, Dr A.J. Irvine was invited by the then Director of Education in East Lothian to give a lecture on the teaching of music in the classroom. One of the points he made was that the form of musical discipline, where each child in the class had an instrument to play, was a fine exercise in citizenship. He was referring to percussion instruments - the only kind available in the classroom at the time. Dr Irvine would surely be surprised, if not overwhelmed, by the quantity and quality of this form of citizenship made possible for the inhabitants of East Lothian today.


It is appropriate to mention two very recently (2001) started projects in East Lothian. They are the result of the efforts of Philip Taylor, a violinist who has moved into the county in the nineties.

Orchestras have been started in the past and not survived but, with an increasing number of instrumentalists moving out of Edinburgh, the East Lothian Players, which has already given one or two concerts, would seem to have a real chance of success. The other project, the East Lothian Music Circle, is for local musicians interested in classical music, to meet and play together in an informal setting.

A third project, under consideration in the year 2000, is Fingers and Thumbs, a music school to be opened by Fergus Malcolm and Ann Traill in Haddington which plans to cater for every aspiring musician from age four onwards, teaching all aspects of music pedagogy as well as practical musicianship.


Names and starting dates of the 30+ performing groups and other musically-related organisations in East Lothian in 2000.

1842 Penston Band Formed pre-period and still in existence
1895 Musselburgh & Fisherrow Trades Band
1921 Prestonpans British Legion Pipe Band
1925 Fisherrow Fishwives' Choir faded out in 1960s
1947 Haddington Amateur Operatic Society  
1947 East Lothian County Music Committee  
1947 Musselburgh Junior Singers  
1949 Dunbar & District Musical Society later Dunbar & District Choral Society
1950 Musselburgh Amateur Musical Association  
1951 East Lothian County Music Festival  
1956 North Berwick Operatic Society later East Lothian Musical Society
1957 North Berwick Pipe Band  
1959 St Ninian's Junior Concert Party, Musselburgh  
1967 Lamp of Lothian to 'induce the growth of a "whole community"'
1968 Haddington Festival (Haddington Community Council)
1970 Garleton Singers  
1973 East Lothian Reel and Strathspey Society  
1975 Lothian Region East Lothian + Musselburgh
1976 Dunbar British Legion Pipe Band  
1976/77 East Lothian Music Workshop  
1977 Hadley Court Singers  
c.1980 Congregational Church Junior Choir Musselburgh
1980 Haddington Fiddles  
1981 Haddington Pipe Band  
1983 Haddington Folk Club  
1985 Dunbar Lyric Group  
1986 Haddington Music Club  
1986 Dalkeith & Monktonhall Silver Band  
1987 Stenton Singers  
1988 Dunbar Traditional Music Festival  
1988 Holy Trinity Handbells  
1990 Lammermuir Pipe Organs provide new organ for St Mary's, Haddington  
1992 Bridge Centre Music Project  
1992 Musical Youth  
1994 Encore.  
1994/5 North Berwick Youth Music Theatre  
1995 St.Mary's Choristers  
1996 East Lothian Concert Opera  
1997 East Lothian Piano Festival  
1998 Haddington Music Festival run by Haddington Music Initiative
1998 East Lothian Amateur Orchestra  
2001 East Lothian Music Circle  
2001 The East Lothian Players  
2001 Fingers and Thumbs  

Further reading & references

Marshall, RK (2001) Ruin and Restoration: St Mary's Church, Haddington


Because of limitations of wordage, the writer has only been able to include the names of those who either initiated something, or were involved for an unusually long time. She apologises to the numerous individuals whose story of their input into East Lothian music has been omitted

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