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The Fourth Statistical Account of East Lothian


Archaeology is about all of society - from chieftains, kings and warriors through to the ordinary men, women and children who built their houses, tilled the soil, made tools and handicrafts, marked out their lives in seasons and rituals, celebrated their ancestors and died in their turn - over thousands of years. Countless sites and finds of our ancestors remain to be discovered and explored all over East Lothian. Archaeology and history are all around us, in town and countryside, in buildings and in fields, in parks and gardens and on rolling hills.

Archaeology has much to tell us about the origins and development of our own society: stretching back into the past gives a sense of continuity and belonging, a sense of our place in time and in the world. The complex fabric of today's townscapes and landscapes contains the story of the past; and year-by-year, generation-by-generation, we are adding new chapters to the story. This is why archaeology matters: it is not only about the past and who we were, but also about who we are - and who we could be.

Further reading & references

Published archaeological reports for sites mentioned in the text and some other relevant works

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